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At a distance of 18 km from Mahabaleshwar, 48 km from Satara, 104 km from Pune and 254 km from Mumbai, Panchgani also called Panchgani is a famous hill station and city-based (a group of people who advise or govern) in Satara district of Maharashtra. It is one of the top hill resorts in

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At a distance of 149 km from Pune, 535 km from Ahmedabad, 551 km from Panjim, 993 km fromBangalore, 717 km from Hyderabad, 1420 km from Delhi, Mumbai, the entertainment capital andIndia’s (related to managing money) powerhouse, is the capital city of the Indian state ofMaharashtra. It is the most full of people city in India and the ninth most full of people in theworld with a guessed (number) population of 18.4 million. In 2009,

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At a distance of 108 km from Shirdi, 181 km from Nashik, 232 km from Pune, 350 km fromMumbai, 482 km from Nagpur and 534 km from Hyderabad, Almost-magical qualityngabad is ahistorical city and the (related to managing and running a company or organization)headquarters of the Almost-magical

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