Chittaurgarh Fort, Chittaurgarh


Chittaurgarh (Chittorgarh) fort is the (giving a non-living thing qualities of a living thing/existence of a perfect living representation of something)  of the high spirit, romance and pride of theRajputs. It resounds with the history of sacrifice and (acts of brave behavior that usually saves lives), (event(s) or object(s) that prove something)s of which can be still saw within the scary fortof Chittorgarh. This very old fort is carefully thought about/believed as one of the most amazingforts of the country and a real pride of Rajasthan State. Located on the edge of about 180 metershigh mound and covering over 700 (areas of land about 200 feet X 220 feet) of huge area, the fortwas, at

first, built by the Mauryans in the 7th century. However, more structures were added to itlater on by the (one after the other) rulers of Mewar


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