Cologne Cathedral

The (huge/very tall) Church of St. Peter and St. Mary, Kölner Dom, on the banks of the Rhine isCologne’s most impressive (easily-seen, famous object/very important event). This (extremely and amazingly good thing that someone created) of High Gothic (related to the beautiful design and construction of buildings, etc.), one of the largest churches in Europe, was begun in 1248 andwas the most high-reaching building project of the Middle Ages. As (impressive/forcing (on people)/causing an inconvenient situation) as its (front of a building/fake appearance), itsbeautiful interior covers an area of 6,166 square meters and brags 56 huge (tall supporting posts/important parts). Above the high (high table at the front of a church) is the Container (for holy objects) of the Three Kings, a 12th-century work of art in gold designed by Nicholas ofVerdun to house the (things that survived from the past) of the Three Kings brought here fromMilan. Other highlights include the very wide views from the South Towers, the 12th- and 13th-century stained glass in the Three Kings Chapel, and the Treasury with its many (very valuable/very dearly loved) objects


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