Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park, in the Top End or the Northern (land area owned or controlled by someone), is a World History Site and one of the planet’s great (land area that has never been changed by people) areas. Covering more than 19,840 sq km, Kakadu is the largest national parkin Australia and the second largest in the world. Within its borders lie bad rainstorm rainforests, mangrove swamps, rivers, deep cracks in the Earth, very old rock paintings, (lands that often or always have a layer of water), and waterfalls as well as an amazing (many different kinds of people or things) of wildlife. In addition to the many (milk-producing animals) and reptiles, morethan 300 different species of birds make their home here, and visitors may spot saltwatercrocodiles prowling the (lands that often or always have a layer of water). Visitors can view thepark’s (many different kinds of people or things) communities by car, air, on foot via the hugenetwork of hiking trails, or by boat on the rivers or floodplains. During the wet season (Nov-April), many roads and attractions close due to heavy flooding.


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