Masdar City

A (related to fighting authority or causing huge, important changes) wonder of Abu Dhabi, Masdar City is one of its kind, completely powered by renewable energy.æ 
Lied down snugly close together to Abu Dhabi Airport, Masdar City is a project started by the(land controlled by an independent ruler) in the year 2008 with a goal of engineering a city of the future. With the aim of becoming one of the most eco-friendly cities in the middle of fast (growth of cities with more people), today it is worldÍs first and only carbon-neutral city drove by renewable energy and zero-waste. The place contains/makes up of different (related to the beautiful design and construction of buildings, etc.) made with very old Arabic ways of doing things along with a touch of modern technology. A cool breeze is circulated around the city streets and alleys through a huge central Arabic wind tunnel making weather pleasant even during very high temperature. (even though there is the existence of) all the progress, the city is not for a regular living purpose. It is, however, an education hub with a graduate-research-university and centers focusing on (accomplishing or gaining with effort) (the ability to keep something around, or keep something going) and renewable energy. In fact, power at Masdar is captured and controlled by solar energy, with largest (related to electricity controlled by light) of being installed at rooftops. The place is open to the public without any charge. The (usual/ commonly and regular/ healthy) cars are not allowed inside the place. The key highlight of the city is (like nothing else in the world) mode of transportation (in other words) small-unmanned electric cars called Personal Fast Transport (PRT) pods. Just leave your cars at the [arking area and hop onto these electric pods that will take you directly to the city center. Once inside, you can love and honor the slightly funny (related to the beautiful design and construction of buildings, etc.) or relax at the huge amount of small restaurants and restaurants. With its great (related to the beautiful design and construction of buildings, etc.) and (producing a lot with very little waste)use of technology, Masdar City is a perfect place for sci-fi lovers and (related to designing and constructing beautiful buildings, structures, etc.) buffs


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