Medieval Burg Hochosterwitz

Medieval Burg Hochosterwitz-austria

To the east of St. Veit, on a rough rock rising some 160-meters above the valley, sprawls the(impressive/forcing (on people)/causing an inconvenient situation) Town Hochosterwitz, Austria’s most important (very old time in history) (huge, fancy, stone house). After a (full of violently swirling disorder) history, the (huge, fancy, stone house) – first talked about/said in 860 AD – was(now under different control) by the Khevenhullers, and was enlarged in 1570 in the face of Turkish (people or things who suddenly enter a place in an unwanted way). Never (taken/took control of) by an enemy, the (huge, fancy, Stonehouse) has remained in the Khevenhuller family since. The steep access road to the (huge, fancy, stone house), the Burgweg, winds its way up through the 14 (related to actions that protect against attack) gates to the beautiful arcaded(open space next to a building) where you’ll find the little (place of worship) with its wall and ceiling paintings from 1570 and the church at the southwestern end of the (huge, fancy, stone house) with its high (high table at the front of a church) dating from 1729


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