Melk Benedictine Abbey

Melk Church is one of the world's most famous (related to monks and nuns) places/locations, and its amazing buildings are laid out around seven (open spaces next to buildings). The mostwell-known/obvious part of this huge 325-meter-long complex is the west end and its twin-towered church rising above a half-circle terrace range. Sat (like a bird) on a rocky (rock sticking up from the ground) high above the town of Melk and (ignoring/not noticing/looking at) theDanube, the church contains many other great reasons to spend a few hours touring it: the graveof Saint Coloman of Stockerau; the remains of Austria's first ruling family, the House ofBabenberg; the excellent 196-meter-long (related to kings, queens, emperors, etc.) Hallway/travel path with its portraits of Austria's rulers, including one of the Empress Maria Theresa; and the(related to kings, queens, emperors, etc.) Rooms with their displays relating to the church's history, along with statues and paintings.

Melk Church is one of the world’s most famous (related to monks and nuns) places/locations, and its amazing buildings are laid out around seven (open spaces next to buildings). The mostwell-known/obvious part of this huge 325-meter-long complex is the west end and its twin-towered church rising above a half-circle terrace range. Sat (like a bird) on a rocky (rock sticking up from the ground) high above the town of Melk and (ignoring/not noticing/looking at) theDanube, the church contains many other great reasons to spend a few hours touring it: the graveof Saint Coloman of Stockerau; the remains of Austria’s first ruling family, the House ofBabenberg; the excellent 196-meter-long (related to kings, queens, emperors, etc.) Hallway/travel path with its portraits of Austria’s rulers, including one of the Empress Maria Theresa; and the(related to kings, queens, emperors, etc.) Rooms with their displays relating to the church’s history, along with statues and paintings.


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