Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House-australia

Talk about/say “Sydney, Australia” and most people think of the Opera House. Shaped like huge shells or swelling/waving sails, this amazing building on Sydney’s Bennelong Point is on the list of UNESCO World History Places/locations and is one of the world’s great (related to designing and constructing beautiful buildings, structures, etc.) symbols/pictures. The location is stunning. Water surrounds the structure on three sides and the Royal Botanic Gardens border it to the south. Danish designer/builder, Jørn Utzon won an international competition for its design but withdrew from the project after technical and financing problems. Construction was finally completed in 1973 at a cost ten times the original budget. By this time Utzon had left the country never returning to see his beautiful creation.
Today visitors can enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants or take a tour of the building, which includes theatres, studios, a concert hall, exhibition rooms, and movies. But it’s far more impressive viewed from a distance. One of the best places/locations to photograph the OperaHouse is Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair in the Royal Botanic Gardens or from (on a train, plane, etc.) harbor cruise.


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