The Vienna Hofburg: Austria’s Imperial Palace

The Vienna Hofburg-austria

The amazing Hofburg Palace in Vienna was for centuries the seat of Austria’s (rule by a king or queen), the powerful Habsburgs. Now the President conducts state business in the same roomsthat once belonged to Emperor Joseph II. Nearly every Austrian ruler since 1275 orderedadditions or changes, resulting in many different (related to designing and constructing beautiful buildings, structures, etc.) influences, including Gothic, Renaissance, (historic period 1600-1750)/(fancily decorated), Rococo, and Classicism. Together with its squares and gardens, thewhole Hofburg complex occupies 59 (areas of land about 200 feet X 220 feet) including 19 (open spaces next to buildings) and 2,600 rooms. Highlights of a visit include the (related to kings, queens, emperors, etc.) Silver Collection and an organized row of dining services giving a taste ofthe fancy (related to kings, queens, emperors, etc.) banquets that once happened here; the SisiMuseum, focusing on the life and times of Empress Elisabeth; and the (related to kings, queens, emperors, etc.) Apartments, a series of 19 rooms once occupied by Emperor Franz Joseph andhis wife.


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